Federal Inmate Testimonials

Federal Inmate Testimonials


Pink Lady Prison Consultants takes pride in being able to help those going into Federal Custody deal with their criminal case and prepare them for what to expect once they enter Federal Custody.  We’re proud to offer you testimonials from several of our satisfied clients!

My journey is still continuing but I needed to take a moment to tell you how much I have learned, grown and have been successful through this process. I owe it to you Pink Lady Prison Consultants. I remember the day I reached out and how responsive the team was, not to mention the honest answers I was given. They helped me develop a plan, assisted with my PSI, my communication to the Judge, my family and friends. How I handled incarceration, my time in the halfway house and even now on supervised release. Every video and post you have I have taken away pieces to help me. Gratitude the word is meant sincerely to the team. If there are any others who read my review and are facing any type of sanction I highly recommend that they seek Pink Lady Prison Consultants assistance. Pink Lady provides the things your attorney can’t and or don’t. I can’t stress that enough! Thank you for everything

Holli Coulman – 42401-298
Wire Fraud – Carlsbad, California

Federal Prison Consultant Services can run the gamut of pre-incarceration and post-incarceration services depending on their level of experience and the extent of what they choose to offer.  I would advocate the selection of Pink Lady Prison Consultants as they offer a full suite of services for long-term case understanding and continuity.  I was grateful to have found them as they helped minimize the amount of time I was given for my sentence while keeping me sane through the process.

Mavis Juarez – 12175-029
Narcotics Trafficking – Sioux City, Iowa

I am a woman who is facing a prison sentence and who had been looking for information on the Internet about what happens after one pleads guilty, what steps are to come and most importantly what my future may hold. As a female I was looking for information about women who had gone through the process and wanted to see what happened to them. What I found was minimal and depressing. Then I found Pink Lady Prison Consultants and I was relieved to see the programs and advice that was available specifically for women! I decided to call and I was immediately put in touch with a Consultant who helped put together a plan after I explained my circumstances. Not only did they help me navigate the process, they provided the emotional support and guidance. They made everything less frightening. Pink Lady Prison Consultants has been a saving grace to me. I urge you to call to get the straight answers as to what is going to happen and a plan to help yourself. Thanks Pink Lady!

Linda Taylor – 46510-048
Wire Fraud – Henderson, Nevada

 I wish Pink Lady Prison Consultants had been available to me before I’d entered custody. When it comes to knowing what women face in the Federal System, the Consultant’s at Pink Lady are the most qualified I’ve ever met; even while I have been incarcerated they have been able to help me develop a post incarceration plan. Please don’t pass up a chance to work with them before you reach this stage as they will arm you with the tools you will need to survive and make it back to your life.  Thank you Pink Lady Prison Consultants.

Christy Sensenich – 12563-091
Narcotics Trafficking – Evansville, Wyoming

The advice and programs you provided my daughter for her incarceration were invaluable. She was more prepared because of the plan you helped develop for her. You assisted where her attorney could or would not. I know the family would be in such a bad place about the situation if it had not been for the team at Pink Lady Prison Consultants. We are blessed as a family that we found the site. I can’t thank you enough. What we have learned has been very helpful.

Elizabeth Fisher – Inmate’s Mother