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Pink Lady Co-Founder Larry Levine is recognized as the most experienced Federal Prison Consultant in the world. 
Before entering federal custody, Levine was a Private Investigator in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.

Levine was arrested by a Federal Organized Crime Task Force and charged with securities fraud, obstruction of justice and racketeering. 

Levine Helps Inmates While in Custody

After arrest, Levine was denied bail and spent 21 months litigating his charges while held at Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC).

While at MDC Levine, he reviewed prosecutorial discovery for inaccuracies to help inmates in their defense. Between court appearances, he spent time researching Case Law, Indictments, PSRs, and Plea Agreements. He also advised inmates on criminal defense strategies and potential sentencing departures.

After Sentencing

At sentencing, U.S. District Judge Carlos R. Moreno of the Central District of California sentenced Levine to two 10-year concurrent sentences along with one 5-year concurrent sentence.

He served his sentence across 11 high, medium, low, and minimum-security Federal Prisons in California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Oklahoma. During custody, he helped inmates file BOP Administrative Remedies and Habeas Corpus petitions for early release. He dedicated his evenings to self-education in Federal Criminal Law at the prison law library.

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Levine Files Class Action Lawsuit

While at La Tuna, Levine single-handedly, filed a Federal Class-Action Habeas Corpus Lawsuit in U.S. District Court.

He sued the DOJ and Bureau of Prisons, claiming they violated their own policies by sending the Nellis inmates to higher custody. 

Due to Levine’s actions, the DOJ was forced to shift hundreds of inmates around the country to conform to Levine’s lawsuit claims.

Levine Forms Prison Consultant Firm

In April 2007, upon his release, Levine and former inmate Holli Coulman established Wall Street Prison Consultants and Pink Lady Prison Consultants. Together, they provide knowledge, advice, and services to Federal Defendants. Their expertise includes entering the RDAP program, sentence reductions, prison survival skills, Bureau of Prison Policies and Procedures, and navigating the Criminal Justice System for lawyers, pre-trial inmates, and their families.

Levine is a contributor and frequent guest on CNN, HLN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS News, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, People Mag., Inside Edition, The BBC, Forbes, VICE, and several other major news organizations providing expert information on federal prison life and the criminal justice system.

Levine TV News Commentary- Jeffrey Epstein Mysterious Death

Prison Consultant Larry Levine | Larry Levine Criminal LitigatorPink Lady Federal Prison Consultants
Prison Consultant Larry Levine | Pink Lady Federal Prison Consultants
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Prison Consultant Larry Levine | Life Coach Certificate Larry LevinePink Lady Federal Prison Consultants


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How Pink Lady Prison Consultants Help Female Inmates?

If you or someone you know faces a federal prison sentence for a white-collar crime, our services can help. We assist in qualifying for the RDAP Substance Abuse Rehab Program, the First Step Act, the Second Chance Act, or Compassionate Release. These programs can significantly reduce your time in custody.

Our consulting services aim to minimize clients’ exposure and secure the shortest possible sentence. We focus on placing clients in geographically convenient women’s prison camps to maintain family ties, delaying fines and restitution, and securing extra halfway house and home confinement time. Our goal is to facilitate early release from federal custody.