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Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center

Women’s High Security Detention Center

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MDC Los Angeles is a Federal Detention Center run by the Western Regional Office of the US Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and holds federal pretrial detainees involved in federal criminal proceedings in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center is a multi-story high-rise located in downtown Los Angeles, California.

The Los Angeles MDC Detention Center building houses 773 administrative security male and female Federal inmates in dormitory-style cell block housing units at multiple custody levels and is one of 3 Federal detention centers in the state of California.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Sending Mail To MDC Los Angeles Inmates

MDC inmates may receive mail addressed to them at the below address using the indicated format.

P.O. BOX 1500

Inmates are not allowed to receive packages from home without prior written approval from the inmate’s unit team or authorized staff member at the institution. The only packages an inmate may receive from home are those containing release clothing and authorized medical devices. However, inmates may receive magazines, hard and paperback books directly from the publisher

MDC Los Angeles Inmate Telephone Calls

MDC inmates are authorized 300 minutes of prepaid phone use January through October, and 400 minutes, in November and December. Inmates phone lists can contain 30 approved called numbers and calls a maximum of 15 minutes in length. VAC Communications contracts prison call services to the Bureau of Prisons and MDC. A call costs 21¢ per minute, with 15-minute calls costing $3.15.

Pacific Telephone Company can substantially cut the cost of Los Angeles MDC inmate calls from $3.15 to $1.65 for a 15-minute call! For information call 855-966-8655 or go to

Sending Funds To A Federal Inmate

A federal inmate can receive outside funds from their inmate accounts via a Postal Money order by U.S. Mail as well as a money transfer via Western Union. For additional information on sending money to an inmate please click on the appropriate link.

How Pink Lady Prison Consultants Help Female Inmates?

If you or someone you know was indicted and going to federal prison for a white-collar crime, our services can help you take advantage and qualify for the RDAP Substance Abuse Rehab Program, the First Step Act, the Second Chance Act or Compassionate Release, all which can drastically shorten the time you remain in Custody.

Each one of our consulting Service Areas are designed to limit clients exposure and ensure that they receive the shortest sentence possible, placement in geographically desirable women’s prison camp for visits to maintain family ties, the delaying of fines and restitution, extra halfway house and home confinement, and getting out of federal custody early itself.