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Federal Prison Early Release Programs

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Federal Prison Early Release Programs

Our Services Cover a Range of BOP Early Release Options

At Pink Lady Prison Consultants, our mission is to assist defendants in qualifying for early release, which includes exploring various avenues, such as the US Sentencing Commission’s Amendment 821, as well as Compassionate Release and RDAP Program. Additionally, we are dedicated to assessing your eligibility for credits under the First Step Act and the Second Chance Act.

While we do not provide legal representation, we assist in preparing and submitting the required documentation to the BOP and District Court and help you compile the necessary documentation, craft persuasive arguments, and ensure that your submissions are accurate and timely

See below for Programs offering Sentence Reductions and Early Releases.

Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) Early Release

RDAP is a voluntary, intensive drug treatment program in prisons, offering up to 12 months of early release for eligible inmates.

Eligibility for RDAP Inmates must have a verified substance abuse issue, a minimum of 24 months left on their sentence, and willingly join the program. A chemical dependency report may be required for admission.

Program Structure RDAP is a 500-hour, 9-12 month residential program with four key components: education, group therapy, individual counseling, and a work release program. It demands full inmate participation and is often oversubscribed, limiting its availability.

USSG Amendment 821 Sentence Reduction

The USSG Amendment 821 significantly revises the United States Sentencing Guidelines. It allows federal inmates to petition for resentencing under updated guidelines, potentially leading to reduced sentences. This amendment applies retroactively, enabling inmates sentenced under previous, stricter guidelines to benefit from current, more lenient standards.

We start by evaluating whether the US Sentencing Commission’s Amendment 821 applies to your case. (Retro activation of zero criminal history points)If eligible, we determine the potential impact on your sentence, with the goal of securing a reduced term and early release.

Compassionate Release Evaluation:

We also assess your eligibility for compassionate release, which is a separate pathway to early release based on extraordinary and compelling circumstances, such as severe health issues or advanced age.

We guide you through the compassionate release process, ensuring that your case is presented with the necessary documentation and arguments to support your request.

First Step Act Credits:

Our team thoroughly examines your eligibility for credits under the First Step Act, which offers the opportunity to earn time credits for participating in rehabilitation programs. We assess your eligibility for these credits, helping you understand the potential impact on your release date.

Second Chance Act Early Release

We explore opportunities under the Second Chance Act, which provides additional community custody and home confinement for early reentry into society. Our team assists in Drawing up an Administrative Remedy for filing with the BOP requesting participation in the program. 

We guide inmates through the process, ensuring they meet the criteria: completing reentry programs, maintaining good behavior, and establishing community support.  We offer expert support in navigating this opportunity for a new beginning.


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How Pink Lady Prison Consultants Help Female Inmates?

If you or someone you know was indicted and going to federal prison for a white-collar crime, our services can help you take advantage and qualify for the RDAP Substance Abuse Rehab Program, the First Step Act, the Second Chance Act or Compassionate Release, all which can drastically shorten the time you remain in Custody.

Each one of our consulting Service Areas are designed to limit clients exposure and ensure that they receive the shortest sentence possible, placement in geographically desirable women’s prison camp for visits to maintain family ties, the delaying of fines and restitution, extra halfway house and home confinement, and getting out of federal custody early itself.