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U.S. Secret Service

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If you’re under investigation by the Secret Service and facing Federal Charges we help you qualify for early release programs authorized by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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US Secret Service (USSS)

The Secret Service (USSS) was established in July 5, 1865, and was initially tasked to investigate and prevent counterfeiting of the US currency. Its primary objective is to maintain the integrity of the financial structure of the United States. Its criminal investigation is not limited to the US territory but may involve international investigations as well.

USSS Mission 

The agency has an integrated mission of protection and financial investigations to ensure the safety and security of is protectees, key locations, and events of national significance. They also protect the integrity of our currency and investigate crimes against the U.S. financial system committed by criminals around the world and in cyberspace.

The agency is currently within the control and administration of Homeland Security Services. The department is able to make thousands of arrests involving counterfeiting with at least 98% convictions.

Authority of the Secret Service

The powers, duties, and authorities of the Secret Service (USSS) are derived from the 18 US Code 3056 granting the agency the following:

  • Protect the President and vice president-elect, including their children and spouses

  • Provide protection to head of foreign governments, US representatives on special missions in other countries, and other distinguished visitors to the US

  • Make an arrest for violating the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and other financial institutions like federal banks

  • Arrest individuals who counterfeit US currency and coins

  • Carry firearms

  • Serve a warrant and make an arrest even without a warrant when a federal offense is committed in their agent’s presence

  • Pay a reward for giving information that can lead to the enforcement of the laws and arrest of individuals who violate the laws that the agency is authorized to enforce

  • Forfeiture of assets

What the Secret Service Investigates

The criminal investigations conducted by the US Secret Service (USSS) are mostly concerned with the enforcement of the law against counterfeiting and it may extend to investigate the following crimes:

  • Currency counterfeiting

  • Financial fraud

  • Identity theft related to fraud involving checks, banks, credit cards, and skimming devices, passports, and visas.

  • Fraudulent identification

  • Cyberspace crimes and other electronic financial crimes

  • Forgery

  • Money laundering

The Pink Lady Consulting Team

If you’re under investigation by the Secret Service, going through the Court Process and facing Federal Prison,  Holli Coulman and Larry Levine are here to help!

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