What is the Department of Energy

The Department of Energy is a Cabinet Level Federal Agency formed in 1977 tasked with maintaining a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent and reducing the threat of nuclear proliferation, overseeing the United States’ energy supply, carrying out the environmental clean-up from the Cold War nuclear mission, and the 17 National Laboratories.

What is the Department of Energy OIG

The Department of Energy Office of the Inspector General (OIG) was created pursuant to the Inspector General Act of 1978 to provide oversight at preventing inefficient or unlawful operations within the Department of Energy.
DOE OIG Special Agents are Criminal Investigators and Federal Law Enforcement Officers pursuant to Section 6(e)(3) of the IG Act of 1978 and are trained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Glynco, Georgia.

What Does the Dept of Energy OIG Investigate?

The Office of Investigations conducts investigations of DOE personnel, contractors, and others receiving DOE funds concerning alleged violations of law that impact DOE programs, operations, facilities, and personnel.

Issues investigated by the OIG include soliciting and/or accepting a bribe, overcharging the Government on contracts and grants, providing false data and information, supplying defective or inferior products, committing environmental violations, theft and/or destruction of government property, misuse of Government computers, employee misconduct, and ethical and conflict of interest violations.

What is the authority of the DOE OIG?

DOE OIG Special Agents have Federal Law Enforcement authority to, conduct criminal, civil, and administrative investigations apply for and execute search warrants, make arrests, carry firearms, and to utilize a range of specialized investigative techniques.
Special Agents in our Technology Crimes Section investigate malicious cyberattacks, intrusions into computer networks and systems, misuse of DOE computer systems for illegal gain, as well as provide support to other investigations.


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